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Committee on Preparation for Ministry


The responsibilities of Committee on Preparation on Ministry (CPM) include handling the documentation that is required to track an individual through the process of becoming an Inquirer, moving to Candidate, and accepting a call for ordination. The denomination requires that the CPM follows very specific guidelines to ensure that our new Ministers of the Word and Sacrament are prepared in the best way possible for work in our churches.

Another responsibility is elevating the discernment process, which is truly the heart of the CPM's calling. This includes keeping in very close contact with inquirers and candidates, supporting, guiding, and praying for them. At every contact, we work to help the Inquirer/Candidate refine his/her call to the ministry.

Several members of Presbytery serve as ordination examination readers in the Chicago region. They are nominated by CPM and elected by Presbytery Assembly.

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