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Camps and Conferences Board


The Camp and Conferences Board seeks to provide settings in which individuals and groups can deepen their awareness of God, their compassion for one another, and their love for the natural world.

We strive to do this by building Christian community. Through group living in the small unit, campers and leaders are challenged to work, plan, play, study, sing, pray, and worship together.

Camp Carew, the usual location for our camps and conferences, is a mission of the Presbytery of Southeastern Illinois. It is accredited by the American Camp Association. It is also a member of the Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Association.

Camp Carew provides children and young adults with Christian summer camps and can host retreats for persons of all ages throughout the year. Established in 1952, Carew occupies sixty acres along Little Grassy Lake inside the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge. It is nine miles south of Carbondale, Illinois.

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